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Global Unity Art Piece

At its core, the artwork features a meticulously crafted composition of handwoven silk thread embroidery on a sturdy fibre board canvas. The silk threads weave together intricate patterns and designs inspired by Ghanaian kente cloth, a symbol of African heritage and identity. The fusion of traditional Ghanaian kente with contemporary artistic techniques creates a visual bridge between the past and the present, a testament to the enduring legacy of African culture.

Behind the silk-threaded masterpiece lies a fascinating story of collaboration and inspiration including Usher, Sarkodie, Tems, Stormzy, Gyakie, StoneBwoy, HER, and SZA. Each of these artists represents a unique strand in the global musical tapestry, contributing to the interconnected web of creativity and expression.

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Global Unity

A testament of the influence of cultural and music on the global unity.

This captivating art painting, is a testament to the rich tapestry of cultural and musical influences that span continents and transcend borders. Measuring an impressive 70 X 70 inches, this masterpiece is a visual symphony that pays homage to the global music scene while celebrating the vibrant cultural diversity of Ghana.

Handwoven silk thread embroidery on fibre board with Ghanaian kente and fabrication behind it.

Size: 70 X 70 inches

Muse: Usher, Sarkodie, Tems, Stormzy, Gyakie, StoneBwoy, HER, SZA

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70 X 70 inches


Usher, Sarkodie, Tems, Stormzy, Gyakie, StoneBwoy, HER, SZA


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