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Jack’s Halo

In the bustling heart of Accra, Ghana, a unique piece of art has emerged from the confluence of creativity and sustainability, captivating the minds of both art enthusiasts and environmental advocates. Jack’s Halo, an awe-inspiring work of art, represents a harmonious fusion of handwoven silk thread, recycled plastic sourced from Labadi Beach, and the boundless imagination of its creator. This extraordinary piece of art is more than just an aesthetic marvel; it serves as a powerful reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. Jack’s Halo stands as a symbol of hope, inspiring us to think creatively about how we can address the environmental challenges of our time.

The journey from The Labadi Beach to the creation of Jack’s Halo is a story of passion, dedication, and environmental consciousness. It encourages us all to look closer at the world around us and discover how art and sustainability coexist. In a world facing environmental challenges, Jack’s Halo reminds us that despite adversity, there is a glimmer of beauty and hope waiting to be unveiled.

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Jack’s Halo

Arising from the bustling heart of Accra, Ghana and extending beyond the seas.

Handwoven silk thread on Fibreboard with recycled Plastic from the Labadi beach

Size: 36 x 48 inches (91.44 X 121.92 cm)

Year: 2022


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